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Top Hardee’s Biscuit Maker in the Land

Boddie-Noell’s Tony Robinson named Hardee’s Top Biscuit Maker Nationwide in 2023 Competition

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (October 2023) – Boddie-Noell’s Virginia Beach Hardee’s biscuit maker Tony Robinson has been selected by the brand as the top Hardee’s biscuit maker in the United States. Hardee’s announced Robinson as the 2023 champion of the Biscuit Baker Competition following competition with other finalists representing Hardee’s restaurants from around the country. Robinson was selected by judges based on the quality of his batch of biscuits.

It’s familiar territory for Robinson who has been a Boddie-Noell biscuit maker champion four times (including currently) over the 11 years he’s been a biscuit maker for the company – a record run in the biscuit-making competition at Boddie-Noell that’s been held annually for 40 years.

Robinson went up against three other finalists in the final round of competition in St. Petersburg, Fla. during which each were given 15 minutes to make a batch of 52 biscuits. They were judged on their biscuit knowledge, baking skill and ability to set up and maintain their biscuit station. The biscuits were evaluated and judged based on several criteria including visual appearance, color, texture and taste to decide who crafted the best Made From Scratch™ biscuit. The winner was announced at the meeting the Independent Hardee’s Franchisee Association this month. The competition started in September with biscuit bakers competing locally at more than 1,700 restaurants across the U.S.

Robinson won the grand price of $10,000. The second, third and fourth place competitors received $2,500.

“We’re extremely proud of Tony and had no doubt he’d show the judges how skilled and talented a biscuit baker he is – and has been,” said Bill Boddie, Boddie-Noell chairman.

Tony, who’s retired from the Navy, bakes biscuits for his customers at the Hardee’s on Independence Boulevard and lives with his wife and son in Virginia Beach. He is originally from Rocky Mount., NC.

To read the announcement about Tony Robinson from Hardee’s parent company CKE, click here:

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